Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who Said PC Gaming is Dead?

To all the people who said PC gaming is dead, your incorrect, as a report from the PC Gaming Alliance group said that the market is growing steadily. This report, "Horizon Research 2011" claims that in 2011, PC gaming made about $18.6 billion which is up 15% from the previous year.

In the report, it is reported that the PC gaming market in China is growing near twice the rate of any other region as the market in China accounted for $6 billion which is up form 27%. Also, markets in regions such as Japan, Germany, Korea, UK, and US increased 11% to $8 billion.

A significant reason of the growth in 2011 can be looked at from free to play games such as League of Legends and also some high rated games such as Skyrim. Companies such as Nexon and Zynga also contributed to the increase in the gaming market.

A prediction by the group said that the PC gaming market will increase by 37% to nearly $25.5 billion by 2015. The reason to this is because of the greater access to an internet connection and the simplicity of methods of payments and digital distribution.


  1. Valve saved PC gaming, that is all.

  2. I think a good part of it is that MMORPuGers are still PC-exclusive. So we'll see if in the future that won't change.

  3. when did pc gaming ever die?

  4. at this point it seems pc gaming will never die.

  5. PC gaming won't die, not when consoles are usually using decade old technology, whereas better PC components are always being released.