Friday, March 9, 2012

Modern Consoles Are Present In Over Half of US Homes

Recent news from major data-tracking company Nielsen shows that console gaming is increasing as more people in the United States are starting to spend more money and time playing video games. This survey is taken annually as over half of the households in the United States (56% exact) own at least a console that is in this current generation.

Shocking info was that this number is up from 50% from last year, as 66% of kids ranging from 6-12 have their own Nintendo DS or PSP as well as an Apple device to accommodate their needs. For a complete view of video games, please check out this link, which is full of information.  [Nielsen]

As a gift, I will be posting up wallpapers also!


  1. Don't have a console, don't think I'll ever have one.

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  3. i'm actually surprised it isn't higher

  4. I need a gaming rig. And a television. Oh, and some money.

    But mostly a gaming rig.

  5. They are great to have around I media stream over my network all the time with my ps3!