Saturday, March 17, 2012

2013 Ford Mustang Configurator Live!

2013 Shelby GT500 Wallpaper!

Ford has just released the car configurator for their 2013 Mustang, being able to choose from the standard V6 up to the Shelby GT500 for configuration to your liking. There are numerous options to choose from such as voice-activated navigation and Sync technology. If your on the sporty side, one can add a pair of Recaro seats which costs $1,595 extra.

If your crazy enough, checking all the options on the GT500 will total around $66,485. Now, building your own Mustang should be fun, lets go!  [Configurator]

Quick Specs:

Mustang V6
- 3.7L V6 Engine
- 19 city / 29 hwy MPG
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 305 Horsepower
- Starting $22,200

Mustang GT
- 5.0L V8 Engine
- 17 city / 26 hwy MPG
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 402 Horsepower (Regular Fuel)
- Starting $30,300

Boss 302
- Hi-Po 302 V8 Engine
- 17 city / 26 hwy MPG
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 444 Horsepower
- Starting $42,200

Shelby GT500
- 5.8L Supercharged V8 Engine
- MPG to be decided
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 650 Horsepower
- Starting $54,200


  1. Anyone driving cars with race strips and is not a race car driver is bound to look like a douche.

  2. The stripes make it go faster! Hehe

  3. I really like the shade of blue that it's in in the picture.

  4. Pretty cool wallpaper. I'd prefer the car be a bit darker in color, but still pretty cool.

  5. My grandpa just showed me a video about the Iacocca mustang special edition. Only 45 made, but it's a ridiculously nice car.

  6. Beautiful car my neighbor has a Gt500 and that is one LOUD BEASTLY car!