Monday, March 5, 2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Split-Screen

Well, we all know what Minecraft is, and it has been on the 360 for quite some time. Recently, a new feature has been added, which is split screen multiplayer (No official screenshots yet).

Also, there has been speculation how the 360 version of Minecraft struggled to keep up with the updates that are made by Mojang. Currently, the live DLC certification takes time and can not be released for free. A solution has been found by Microsoft where updates will be released to all players as title updates that are free. Title updates have been usually kept for fixes and patches, not for new content, but this approach is new.

Consequently, the PC version of Minecraft will always be most up to date than the 360 version, due to the certification that is required on the 360, which is much longer than the PC. 

To me, the split screen multiplayer is a good addition to the console, as it allows friends that are with you full flexibility to join in. As for the updates, the new approach seems pretty good to me.

More wallpaper for your desktop!!



  1. Yay split screen goodness!

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  4. alot people playing minecraft, i dont understand why, its boring in my opinion

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