Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Many Fisker Karma Owners Unhappy, Consumer Report

On a Consumer Report's review on the Fisker Karma, the expensive hybrid died on review with only 200 miles on the odometer. The car was in the repair shop for the next two days, as the $108,000 hybrid was eventually given disappointing views.

Although, the only good thing from Consumer Reports on the Karma is that the design was "simply stunning," nothing else. The engine which both uses gasoline and electricity gets very loud once the battery is used up. Also, the massive weight of the vehicle which stands at 5,395 Lbs similar to SUVs does not help with handling at all. The interior was also disappointing, as the touchscreen was only in greyscale like look and a lot of menu flipping where Consumer Reports criticized Fisker greatly.

Also, uncovered from the web were actual owner complaints in which most of them came from In various posts, owners complained of problems such as having to replace the differential at around every 1,000 miles and the car reportedly shutting off at 35 mph in drive, as well as shifting trouble.

An excerpt taken from an owner:

"Just this weekend, for example, the speedometer and energy meter display disappeared when driving, on top of having several other rogue warning indicators appear last week. It is expected we'll be revisiting the dealership soon. We've had cars in the past that have been troublesome, but never anything like this."

Consequently, the company received Department of Energy loans as Fisker is suffering from problems that many other start-up car companies have...