Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Rumored Concept Art

With another rumor that goes into the book of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 rumors, is it actually official concept art or just fan made? Or is it just Valve trying to delay Episode 3 much further by trying to give fans little to no updates on the progress?

A fan site dedicated to Valve, (Link to Thread), has recently made a thread that shows possible concept art for the next Half-Life 2 Episode, showing proof that the art is made for the setting of post Episode 2. Examples include a crashed helicopter in an arctic setting and character Alyx wearing Eli's jacket. Also, the drawings also featured alternate dimension Xen and the Advisors for the Combine in Xen.

One thing to know that these images were from 2008, but were "uncovered" yesterday, as these images might not set the tone for the current development of Episode 3. Do you think these concepts are official? Already, there have been many arguments made by readers, as many went bonkers or just made fun of Valve.


  1. Hm I'm not too sure... if its from 2008 I would say it shouldn't even matter if it's real because it is so outdated anyway. The whole concept could have been changed by now like you said.

  2. that pic doesnt look that new...

  3. I'm going to say fake because Alyx seems white-washed

  4. I'm going to let Valve do what they want and relax.

    The game will get here when it gets here.

  5. I doubt they'll be one, just half life 3