Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cliff Bleszinski's Opinions On The Next-Gen Consoles

Source: Pressfire
Cliff's face not melted yet

Cliff Bleszinski, who is the design director for Epic Games, stated his opinions about the next generation console at PAX East 2012 with Gamespot. Cliff says he wants visuals to leap far ahead of the current gen consoles, as visual improvement should take a huge part for the next generation.

He essentially says that visuals need to be, "Face-melting graphics". Bleszinski continued on with:

 "I really want our next-generation consoles to pass what I call the 'Mom Test.' So that if you were to show this console and games to your mom, she would be like, 'Wow, that clearly looks better than your last console.' And it's an essential step that needs to be taken by both Sony and Microsoft."

As with the rumor that future games will require constant internet connection, the design director joined in as he "hopes" that the future generation consoles "require" its players to be connected to the internet at all times. Cliff added to his statement:

 "Always-connected consoles that basically require an Internet connection. So that I can just wake up in the morning and say, 'Oh a new demo has been downloaded on my hard drive, so I can check it out.' As well as considering streaming gaming from the cloud, which would be very nice."

Admiration for motion controls has hit Bleszinski, as rumors say that built-in Kinect could be included in a future Xbox. He weighs in, "The other things I want to see are gesture-based controls," as he says:

 "I think Kinect is quite cool, and I'm a big fan of using Kinect to control movies with Netflix. Maybe it will be built in [to a future generation Xbox], maybe it won't. We'll have to see what actually comes out of that."

Source: Kotaku Australia
Cliff and his smoking hot girlfriend at 2011 Spike VGAs (Face not melted yet)

Do you agree or disagree with some or all of Mr. Bleszinski's comments? I do agree with the graphics and the gesture based controls, but I don't agree with requiring a constant internet connection.

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  1. Good post although I dont agree with Cliff.

  2. haha, the mom test brings back memories for me

  3. Doesn't matter what he says, I'm still sticking to the PC.

  4. I'm still sticking with the PC too... he has smoking hot girflriend though...

  5. Kinect is awesome when the commands work first try, but the second they don't, the cool factor and convenience is gone.

    Oh well - cool blog. Followed!

  6. well done on the views...I'm with you on the constant internet connection

  7. Congrats on the view count. However, I don't agree with what he wants in a console except the mom test. But that really depends a lot on the developers as well. It sometimes takes a while for game to look their best on a new console. But thanks for the info.

  8. I cant think of anything they could add to the ps3 to make it better except for display port and maybe better graphics other than that its already pretty much fully featured

  9. Graphics like that would be awesome, but I don't think my mom would be able to tell a difference no matter how much better they got, lol.

  10. hot wife is hot, but his face is melted now? wut?

    1. girlfriend* But I do agree, Cliff is one lucky man

  11. Gotta agree with him. These next gen consoles really need to be insane.